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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages to having an irrigation system?

An automatic sprinkler system waters for a programmed period of time so you never have to worry about runoff from over watering or wasting water when you forget to turn off the hose. Also, an automatic sprinkler system is convenient. You won’t have to spend any more time watering by hand or moving hoses around the yard.

Will an automatic sprinkler system water as well as I can water by hand?

Better! A professionally designed system will deliver exactly the right amount of water to all sections of your lawn and garden areas.

Will an automatic sprinkler system water even when it’s raining?

A rain sensor can be installed with the system that will shut off the sprinkler system if it starts to rain. The sensor does not change the program in the system’s controller so your system will resume it’s normal schedule when water is needed again.

What if I decide to change my landscaping years from now?

An automatic sprinkler system can be altered at any time to meet your changing needs.

Will I have difficulty operating the system?

Part of our installation service includes setting up your system to meet your individual watering needs. We will also give you a personalized training session to explain how the system works so that you’ll be able to easily change the watering schedule at any time.

How will an automatic sprinkler handle city watering bans?

The controllers we install run on a 365-day calendar clock that can be programmed to run on an odd-even schedule or on specific days.

What maintenance is required?

Every fall an automatic sprinkler system needs to be winterized. This process uses compressed air to blow out water in the system to prevent pipes, valves, heads and fittings from freezing.

Can I winterize my system with my own air compressor?

You can if you have an air compressor with plenty of volume and pressure – most small home air compressors are not sufficient.

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